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US consulate in Hyderabad to soon have 55 windows for visa

Hyderabad Visa: Soon, the US consulate in Hyderabad, a city in southern India, will be able to offer visa windows and consular assistance. According to a senior American diplomat, by the end of the month, 55 visa windows would be open. Jennifer Larson is currently traveling to India to serve as the US Consul General in Hyderabad.

hyderabad visa

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Jennifer Larson, a senior American diplomat on her way to India to take over as Consul General of Hyderabad US Consulate, met with a group of Indian Americans from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Odisha. She also committed to enhancing the visa application process and forming an alliance between the US and India.

Laurie Larson, the General Consul of the United States in India, spoke about her efforts to improve the visa application process for visitors from India. She worked as a counselor officer at the World Bank’s New York office during her first visit to India, which was already her second visit. It happened for the first time in the Mumbai consulate. She responded to inquiries about international relations, issues related to immigration, and the longest wait times for visas. She added that according to the organizers, among other things, student visas are given top priority.

In India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha are included in the consular jurisdiction of both the United States and India. In his remarks, Ravi Kota, Minister (Economic), Indian Embassy, highlighted these possibilities. He expressed gratitude to Puli, Facilitating connections between Latin and other American business people interested in Hyderabad and the US.

The new Consul general for Hyderabad will be the largest consulate in Asia, says Kota puli. “We will work towards creating more jobs in both countries, especially in Telugu states,” he said. Despite having the highest standard of living in the world, he continued, “We should not forget our roots and do all we can to uplift our people back home while also giving back to the country we call home by taking part in various business and social nonprofits, among others.”


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